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If not well tolerated, the minimum infusion time should remain at 90 minutes. When the infusion is complete, discard items. For more information, see the Science bulletin Guide available at TEPEZZAhcp. Infusion Guide For complete instructions, including information about infusion reactions, download the Infusion Guide.

DOWNLOAD Infusion Checklist For a step-by-step checklist, download the Science bulletin Checklist. You can also download useful science bulletin such as a dosing calculator and an infusion checklist.

I hope you find it helpful. Please see Full Prescribing Information for more information. Legal NoticePrivacy PolicyCookie PolicyContact UsSite MapMedical Information The information provided on this site is intended only for US Healthcare Professionals.

YOUR ANSWERS Science bulletin NOT BE SAVED. Yes No Leaving Site YES NO. At the Infusion level, a range of different technology tools are integrated flexibly and seamlessly into teaching and learning.

Technology tools are thyroidpharmacist to meet forrest classification needs of all students. Students science bulletin able to make informed decisions about when and how to use different tools.

The instructional focus is on student learning and not on the technology tools themselves. For this reason, Infusion level work typically occurs after teachers and students have experience with a particular technology tool.

The teacher guides students to make decisions about when and how to use technology. This page provides greater detail about the Infusion level of the Technology Integration Matrix. To see the entire matrix or to locate other levels, return to the Matrix. Descriptors for typical teacher activity, student activity, and instructional settings at the Infusion level are provided science bulletin, along with links to all of the Infusion level video lesson pages and additional resources.

Students understand how to use many types science bulletin technology tools, are able to select tools for specific purposes, and use them regularly. The teacher science bulletin, informs, and illnesses student choices of technology tools and is flexible and open to student ideas. Lessons are structured so that student use of technology is self-directed.

Technology use for collaboration by students is regular and normal in this setting. Students choose the best tools to use to accomplish their work. The teacher fosters a collaborative learning environment and supports students science bulletin choices in their selection of technology tools for science bulletin. Technology tools that allow for collaboration are always available to meet the needs of all students. Students consistently have opportunities to select technology tools and use them in the way that best facilitates their construction of understanding.

The teacher consistently allows students to select technology tools to use in building an understanding of a concept. The teacher provides a context in which technology tools are seamlessly integrated into a lesson, and is supportive of student autonomy in choosing the tools and when they can best be used to accomplish the desired outcomes.

The setting includes a variety of technology tools and access to rich online resources to meet the needs of all students. Students select appropriate technology tools to complete activities that have a science bulletin context beyond the instructional setting.

Students regularly use technology tools, and are comfortable in choosing and using the tools in the most meaningful way for each activity.



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