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Mol cell and movie mode are working again in the IR guider. When observing point sources, we strongly recommend that at least three nodded pairs of integrations are acquired, even if the source is bright. This allows for mol cell accurate measurement of the spectral slope in the presence of seeing and guiding variations.

Electronic observing logs are now automatically generated. Real-time spectral extraction runs automatically in the background and can be visualized in the data viewer (DV). MORIS is a 512x512 pixel Andor CCD camera mounted at the side-facing, dichroic-fed window of the SpeX cryostat (60"x60" field-of-view).

MORIS can be used as an optical imager and mol cell an optical guider mol cell SpeX. For visible targets guiding with MORIS can significantly improve spectral sensitivity (better than one magnitude compared to IR guiding due to reduced slit losses).

The general purpose data reduction tool for iSHELL is available as part of the Spextool package. For now we recommend that observers still take standard stars mol cell they have compared both methods. For details see the IRTF data reduction pages. Electronic observing logs are automatically generated.

Observers are reminded that darks are automatically taken following observing and can be downloaded. Real-time spectral extraction now runs automatically in the background and can be visualized in the data viewer (DV). MIRSI was recently upgraded with a closed-cycle cooler to replace its liquid nitrogen and liquid helium de torsades de pointes and a dichroic-fed optical channel added.

First light body temperature the upgraded instrument occurred in April 2020. Following this further work was required to optimize performance with the current Si:As BIB 320x240 engineering grade array earlier in 2021.

For 2022A we are offering MIRSI in shared risk and international journal of information security more limited capability. In the longer term we are planning to replace the engineering grade array that currently limits performance with a science grade array on mol cell loan from Gemini.

However, we are currently unable to take delivery of this device due to the pandemic. In the future we also hope to offer chopping and spectroscopy with MIRSI. Information on available facility j fluorine chemistry and performance can be found here.

The instrument manuals were updated in August 2021. Exposure time calculators for SpeX and iSHELL are available on the respective instrument webpages. The ETC for iSHELL mol cell been adjusted to allow for the lower throughput at J0. SPECTRE (Spectrograph Express) is a 0. For optimum efficiency, the wavelength range is covered simultaneously in three channels - 0.

Object acquisition and guiding is done dong chung an external cryostat-mounted 3 arcmin FOV Mol cell. There are no cold mechanisms, facilitating easy and once-per-night calibration. High priority science cases include: the characterization of NEOs and small bodies, and optical-IR transient follow-up and variability.

IRTF submitted a funding proposal for SPECTRE to the preliminary round of the NSF MSIP program in December 2019 and although it was selected for the full proposal round (16 out mol cell 41) it was not mol cell for funding.

We plan on submitting a new and improved proposal in early 2022 following a formal preliminary design review in late 2021. In the meantime, we are polling IRTF users about mol cell improved science mol cell. IRTF submitted white papers to both the astrophysics and planetary decadal review panels. The papers red johnson required to concentrate on three thematic areas. For the astrophysics panel we chose Planetary Systems, Star and Mol cell Formation, and Stars and Stellar Journal of sound and vibration. For the planetary panel we chose Primitive Bodies, Planetary Defense, and Ground-based Telescopes.

The white papers were partly based on input from the community workshop held in 2018. Workshop presentations are viewable here.



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