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MethodsStudy Population and Dataset. Journal materials Bayesian Hierarchical Models. Host-Scale Analyses: Binary Logistic Regression. Mathematical Modeling of Influenza and RV Interactions and Population Impact. AcknowledgmentsWe thank Bryan Grenfell and Dan Journal materials for their critique of the manuscript. Grenfell, Population journal materials interference among childhood diseases. Lloyd-Smith, Vacated niches, cigarettes smoking release and the community ecology of pathogen eradication.

Rohani, Statistical inference for multi-pathogen systems. Bogaert, Viral and bacterial interactions in the upper respiratory tract. Journal materials, Association between respiratory syncytial virus activity and pneumococcal disease in infants: A time series analysis of US hospitalization data.

Eggo, Influenza interaction with cocirculating pathogens and its impact on surveillance, pathogenesis, and epidemic profile: A key role for mathematical modelling.

Rehg, Lethal synergism between influenza virus journal materials Streptococcus pneumoniae: Characterization of a mouse model and the role of platelet-activating factor receptor. Anestad, Interference between outbreaks of respiratory syncytial virus laizzer fair influenza virus infection.

Lancet 1, 502 (1982). Taber, Influenza in children. Relationship to other respiratory agents. Brytting, Does viral interference affect spread of influenza. Lim, The impact of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 on the circulation of respiratory viruses 2009-2011.

Laine, Co-infection alters population dynamics of infectious disease. Gupta, The effect of antibody-dependent enhancement on the transmission journal materials and persistence of multiple-strain pathogens. Bush, Ecological and journal materials determinants of influenza evolution.

Adler, Cross-immunity between strains explains the dynamical pattern of paramyxoviruses. Drafting, In vitro growth profiles journal materials respiratory syncytial virus in the presence of influenza virus. Miura, Attenuation of journal materials A virus disease severity by viral coinfection in a mouse model. Burke, Viral interference and interferon. Linezolid (Zyvox)- FDA, Estimating the impact of school closure on influenza transmission from Sentinel data.

Kohn, Absolute humidity modulates influenza survival, transmission, and seasonality. Johnson-Lussenburg, Effect of relative humidity on the airborne survival of rhinovirus-14. Holm, A simple sequentially rejective multiple test procedure. Ratia, Viral destruction of cell journal materials receptors.

OpenUrlFREE Full Text V. Evans, Apoptosis: A mechanism of cell killing by influenza A and B viruses. Grenfell, Ecological interference between fatal diseases. Fenton, Emphasizing the ecology in parasite community ecology.



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