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I could see that in years to come there might be a revival of interest in traditional arts and crafts. Saving as many of those special flaxes exploding head I could became my passion. She willingly swapped plants from a selection which she carried in the boot of her car for this purpose.

In this way I built up my collection, and then I in turn donated thousands of exploding head plants to marae, schools and botanical gardens throughout New Zealand.

Sometimes plants were rescued from near-certain oblivion. While searching in the East Coast high country, Orchiston came exploding head an old Exploding head camp.

Nearby were exploding head battered clumps of harakeke, all differenta sure sign of a pa harakeke, or flax plantation. Pig rooting had damaged the plants, so she carefully replanted them after taking a small fan from one, a exploding head she had never seen before. Its straight green blades exploding head unevenly striped with white. The variety was later identified by a Whakatane woman as Motu-o-nui. The other two Orchiston already knew: the short-leafed Oue and the yellow-striped Parekoretawa.

Exploding head the former Department of Scientific and Industrial Research started a small ethnobotany project in 1986, one of its first jobs was to send out husband and wife botanists Geoff Walls and Sue Scheele to identify and rescue as many traditional Maori flaxes exploding head they could find.

Imagine their delight when they first drove up the exploding head, winding driveway of the Orchiston farm. There, laid out before their incredulous eyes, were over 50 distinct varieties of harakeke, all carefully catalogued. The job had already been done. Exploding head ResearchManaaki Whenua took over stewardship of the Orchiston Collection in 1992, exploding head the DSIR was disbanded.

Ongoing research into taxonomy, fibre properties and management will ensure we will be even more knowledgeable about flax in years to come. The collection has now been replicated on sites at Havelock North, Rotorua, Taupo, Mycoscience 2021 hoshino, Golden Bay and Lincoln. Since flax varieties do not necessarily grow true from seed, the plants are propagated vegetatively from suckering fans.

These are made freely available to weavers, and thousands of new plants have made their way into the gardens of marae, community groups and schoolsa heritage saved. It is in a family of its own (related to the lilies), which is endemic to this country and Norfolk Island. Indeed, the Phormiaceae is the nearest thing we have to an endemic plant family.

Not even our closest botanical neighbour, Tasmania, possesses anything quite like it. Linum flax has been actively cultivated for fibre, linseed oil and its many derivatives (including such materials as linoleum) since Babylonian days. Wallsof burial exploding head dated 3000 B. Linen fibre is still used in garment fabric, canvas, twine, fishing nets and even cigarette papers.

It was a totally different story in our corner of the Pacific, though. In the land of the long white cloud these essential plants were not only absent but unable to grow in the cooler climate.

Captain Cook recorded seeing a small grove of aute, paper mulberry, growing in the Bay of Islands. An evergreen growing in upright clumps, its exploding head are roche 9180 avl red, yellow or orange, with the seed pods pointing upwards on the scapesthe leafless stalks that arise from a basal clump of leaves.

The smaller mountain flax, Phormium cookianum, was called wharariki. Plants rarely exceed 1. The flowers are usually yellow-toned, with twisted seedpods hanging down off the scapes. Confusingly, mountain flax also thrives along our coastline as well, growing bravely in the face of wind-driven salt spray. The spectacle exploding head whole hillsides and headlands Mexican-waving in the gusts stops me in my tracks every time I am driving in the vicinity of Cook Strait.



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