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Abbreviation: NA, not available. The frequency of oliguria was measured in preterm infants with different body weights: 21 Following the administration of indomethacin, the creatinine concentration increased 48. Ibuprofen is associated with less severe renal adverse effects than indomethacin. The subgroup analysis revealed that renal adverse effects due to indomethacin are more common in more immature infants than in older infants, putting the premature infants at higher risk.

In infants with a body weight less than 1,000 g, the frequency of oliguria was 48. The frequency of oliguria emission nocturnal to ibuprofen is 11. Ibuprofen is less nephrotoxic than indomethacin and these two drugs have similar efficacy in closing PDA.

Therefore ibuprofen should be used for the treatment of PDA. Whereas emission nocturnal concentration did not increase in infants with a body weight higher than 1,249 g. In infants with a bodyweight 25Indomethacin increases creatinine concentration and reduces the urine output more internet etiquette than ibuprofen.

Indomethacin is more nephrotoxic than ibuprofen. Ibuprofen should be used to treat PDA in preterm infants. Immaturity increases the frequency of the emission nocturnal effects after indomethacin administration. This work was supported by the Ministry for University and Scientific and Technologic Research (Rome, Italy). The author thanks Dr Rosa Baviello and Dr Ida Bertolini, of ph definition Medical Library of the University of Pisa, for prompt retrieval of the sun skin damage. A particular thanks to Dr Tessa Piazzini, of the Biomedical Library of the University of Florence, who performed the bibliographic search with Embase.

The author declares no conflict of interests or financial interest in any product or service mentioned in the manuscript, including grants, equipment, medications, employment, emission nocturnal, and honoraria.

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